About New Dodge
Dodge created a new systems of manufacturing called "world class manufacturing" that increased the quality of the company's products. It also eliminated some of the most embarrassing vehicles ever made by the company, including the PT Cruiser, Nitro, Liberty, and Caliber models. Showing off the world class manufacturing turnaround, the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee became one of the most awarded SUVs ever. Importantly, divisions were created so each of the vehicles could focus developing their own individual marketing.   Cruiser, Nitro, Liberty and Caliber models (created during DCX) were discontinued. 
Hamilton Lindley tells a similar story on a road to redemption. While a business executive at a franchising company, Hamilton Lindley has found that paring back to basics allows focus on what matters most. Hamilton Lindley researches businesses that have gone wrong to see how they could be remade right. Understanding what went wrong can create an excellent plan to understand how to fix it. Finding Hamilton Lindley and he research is very important.